Government and Police Testing

Central Polygraph Service offers state-of-the-art digital polygraph examinations for a wide variety of government, military, law enforcement and state agency requirements. All examinations are conducted by state licensed Certified Law Enforcement polygraph examiners under strict guidelines established by the American Polygraph Association, American Association of Police Polygraphists and the U.S. Government. All examiners have undergone advanced interview and interrogation training and undergo continuing education training on an annual basis. Detailed reports are provided with digitized examinee photo and fingerprint scans for proof-positive identification along with the examinee’s personal interview and polygraph results.

  • Arson
  • Sex Crimes
  • Theft and Stealing
  • Assault and Battery
  • Sabotage and Espionage

Central Polygraph Service utilizes state-of-the-art digital polygraph systems and conducts polygraph examinations according to strict standards and methods as approved and accepted by the American Polygraph Association and the U.S. Federal Government. Due to established laws, there is a strict limit of up to (4) pertinent test questions that may be established by the client for each polygraph examination (all other questions on the polygraph test are generic in nature and are established by the examiner for baseline purposes). Although each polygraph examination is always customized per the client’s needs and requests, following is a sample list of just some of the types of approved pertinent test questions that are frequently used for government and police type polygraph examinations:


  • Did you cause the fire at 123 Main Street?
  • Did you engage in sexual contact with (SPECIFIC NAME)?
  • Did you remove that M-16 from the firing range?
  • Did you strike (SPECIFIC NAME)?
  • Did you cause the burn injuries to (SPECIFIC NAME)?
  • Did you destroy any part of the computer system at 123 Main Street?
  • Did you remove any of those missing classified documents from the storage unit at the base?

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