Test Fees and Cancellation Policy

The standard flat-rate all inclusive polygraph test fee is $550.00 dollars per test per person for a polygraph test.

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Bank Debit Cards and Cash are all accepted methods of payment. An immediate non-refundable deposit of $100.00 dollars is required when scheduling an appointment for a polygraph test. The remaining balance of $450.00 dollars ($550.00 Total) becomes non-refundable when within 48 hours of the actual scheduled polygraph test date and time due to the scheduling of the state licensed law enforcement examiner, digital polygraph equipment and specialized testing room.

Cancellations received LESS than 48 hours prior to the actual polygraph appointment test date and time, no-shows, arriving late to the scheduled polygraph test appointment time or missed appointments for any reason incur the full $550.00 non-refundable test fee. Clients wishing to cancel their scheduled polygraph test must contact our office at 847-919-0027 and obtain a Cancellation Number as proof of the cancellation of the scheduled polygraph test if cancelling more than 48 hours prior to the actual test date and time.

Due to the requirement of scheduling a state licensed law enforcement examiner, digital polygraph system and a specialized testing room when scheduling a polygraph test appointment (which no other individual or entity can occupy for the test slot scheduled and reserved by the client) the forty eight hour cancellation policy is strictly enforced and still applies even for polygraph appointments that are scheduled immediately for the same or very next day which are then subsequently cancelled by the client and or examinee for any reason.

No further services and or consultations of any kind are included in the polygraph test fee following the conclusion of a polygraph test and the providing of the test results.